Custom table for a beach rental

Growing up on the beach, I know how discouraging it can be to deal with sand being tracked in the home after a long afternoon playing at the beach, then most houses on the beach have tile floors in order to keep the sand out of carpet as well as have it be able to be swept into manageable piles each afternoon, and i recently started renting out a property on the beach as well as have learned that not everyone is as old as me when it comes to beach sand.

I also learned that there is no way to enforce these sand rules when it comes to a rental condo.

I have charged a cleaning fee, however that doesn’t help the fact that there is sand all over the sofa no matter what. I decided to get a custom built sofa for the condo, then the custom sofa would consist of a material that repels the sand as well as sunscreen from the renters. The other sofa seems to just absorb the sand as well as smell from the people who kneel as well as kneel on it after a afternoon at the beach, having a property separate from custom made furniture will cost you much more in the long run, but replacing the furniture is high-priced as well as time consuming… Furniture that is custom built for the beach is a game changer. In order to get your money’s worth out of a rental condo, you must not need to replace your furniture each year, custom built furniture can be a great thing in terms of a rental property like mine. There are a lot of people out there who specialize in custom furniture for a rental property.



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