Festive cheer of x mas

There is nothing like the festive cheer of Christmas. It was mid-December, and my husband and I were cleaning and getting ready for a big Christmas party at our house. When Vince and I clean together, we like to clean room by room. We had finished the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. All we had left was the living room and our bedroom. Because our living room is so small, I told my hubby that I could handle the living room all by myself if he would just do the bedroom. As I started to clean, I noticed that the room was a little chilly. We don’t have a furnace in our house, so we use space heaters to keep warm in the winter months. There were three heaters in the dining room and only one in the living room, so I decided to grab one of the heaters from the dining room and set it closer to me so I wouldn’t be cold while cleaning. I thought I had finished the living room, but then I noticed that the TV stand was really dusty. I picked up the TV and set it on the floor and began cleaning the stand. I was almost finished when I smelled something funny. It smelt like melting plastic. I quickly stopped what I was doing and looked around the room to find out where the smell was coming from. I realized it was coming from the TV. I had set the TV on the floor too close to the heater, and the heater was melting the backside of it. Our TV sits lopsided now, and I can’t help but get angry at myself when I think about how silly I was to set the TV so close to the heater. I have learned my lesson, and now our space heaters sit in the corners of the rooms away from anything they could possibly melt.
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