It’s Always Best to Call An HVAC Company

I almost made the mistake of avoiding my biannual HVAC tune up.

I was so busy and had limited time and availability on my calendar, so when I received a notification about having my HVAC system serviced, I ignored it.

I had already had my HVAC system serviced in the spring and everything was working perfectly fine, so I didn’t believe that anything could be wrong already. However, when I had a spare afternoon open up, my conscience told me to make the appointment. I knew that I’d feel guilty if I didn’t, so I made the call to the local HVAC company. It didn’t cost much to have my HVAC system serviced and it would bring me some peace knowing that I did everything I could to care for my HVAC equipment. When the HVAC company arrived, I told them that I wasn’t experiencing any issues with my HVAC system and that I’d simply called to have everything examined. However, after some time had passed, the HVAC professional came to me and said that he’d found a big issue. The ductwork had a lot of holes in it, which meant that a lot of my HVAC treated air was escaping. This was a problem because not only was I wasting money on heating the air that wasn’t even coming into my home, but I was also losing airflow in my house. In other words, I was spending a lot of money to heat my house but the airflow was so low that it wasn’t being heated properly. The HVAC professional said that I likely wouldn’t have picked up on this issue myself, and the damage could have been more severe had I not called the HVAC company when I did.