Living with Someone with Different Temperature Preferences

My best neighbor Sarah is crazy. I love Sarah to death, plus my buddy and I are certainly the really best of friends. My friend and I have known each other since seventh grade, plus my buddy and I have been inseparable ever since then. My friend and I are both single women at the time, so my buddy and I decided to rent an home together since it was cheaper, plus it would be safer for us. My friend and I entirely love all that my buddy and I get to do together. The only time my buddy and I are ever separated is while my buddy and I are at work. I am a professor, plus Sarah works at a meat factory. It boggles my mind to think that she works at a meat factory when she has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. She says she cares about her task, plus it pays pretty well. However, she has come home with pneumonia four times in the past two years because of how cold she is all day long. Because the employees are splitting fresh meat all day, the factory has to be kept at a really cool temperature. Sarah is a entirely small woman; she’s 5’2 plus weighs less than a hundred pounds. Her little body just can’t take the cold. She has the temperature control in our home turned up to eighty degrees year round because she is so cold all the time. I keep trying to tell her that laboring in this factory is not superb for her, however she insists that she’s superb plus that she cares about her task. I hope she’ll come to her senses one day plus quit, but until then, I know I have to get used to living in a sona.
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