Parenting & A/C

Being a parent is not an easy thing.

Every parent has their struggles & worries.

Each one as dreams & expectations for their children. But even through the trials that come with parenting, I believe it is one of the greatest things that you will ever do. Being a mom has changed my life. I have two boys & three women. They are my world. My oldest kid just turned eighteen, & he recently started his first task. He was hired by a lumber supplier, & though it is undoubtedly hard work, Bret loves it. Of course as his mother, I worry about him being out in the heat all day cutting down trees & working so hard. It’s undoubtedly hard for him to keep hydrated & cool. Since he started working, he has been to the hospital twice with a heat stroke. Thankfully, the supplier just purchased some modern trucks that has working AC. Bret said having A/C has made his task so much easier. Whenever they need a split from the sun, they kneel in their nice air conditioned trucks. Before they had the modern trucks, everything they did was out in the blazing sizzling sun; they even ate supper outside. As Bret’s mom, I am so cheerful that the supplier was able to supply those men with some relief from the harshly sizzling environment that they work in. Bret says that he enjoys his task a lot more now, & he plans on making this task part of his plan for the future. Although parenting has added a lot of stress & worry to my life, this pales in comparison to the joy & fulfillment that being a mother brings.



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