Dog is home alone

I’m kind of obsessed with my dog, Jake.

He’s such a sweet little guy, and he always knows when I need him. He’s an adopted dog, so I’m not sure what he is exactly, but my best guess is a labrador, pit bull, and greyhound mix based on his physiology and personality. I’ve never had a dog I was so smitten with before, and I can’t imagine life without him. That being said, going out of town is the hardest thing I ever have to do. Leaving him behind breaks my heart, and I hate every minute that I’m without him. I worry about him the whole time I’m gone, so I installed a webcam to monitor his behavior while I’m away. It’s great to check in on him and I can even talk to him through it. I also worried about his comfort, as our climate changes pretty quickly throughout the day, so I called my local HVAC company and had my heating and cooling system upgraded to their newest model. Now I can monitor the indoor air temperature in real time, and even adjust the thermostat from my cell phone. I never have to worry about him panting or shivering alone; it’s almost like I’m there with him, watching over like his thermostat guardian angel. I feel so much better knowing that Jake is at least physically comfortable in perfect heating or air conditioning while I’m away, even though I worry that he’s sad or missing me even a fraction as much as I miss him.

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