It has been a rough week for our HVAC units

It has been a rough week for our HVAC units.

  • I have no idea how my buddy and I have such terrible luck, however our boiler plus our air conditioner really quit in the same week.

I am so frustrated about it because there is no way that my buddy and I will be able to afford to get them both fixed right now. Thankfully, the weather says that it will be warmer for the next couple weeks, plus I know that it legitimately won’t get cold enough to use our boiler again. The weather where my buddy and I live is quite strange. It was literally twenty-eight degrees one day, plus two days later, it was seventy-five degrees. We had to turn the boiler on when it was only twenty-eight degrees, of course, plus then, my buddy and I decided to turn on the air conditioner when it got up to seventy-five degrees because that felt really warm to us. Normally, seventy-five degrees wouldn’t feel that warm, however my buddy and I were just coming out of winter time weather, so anything above forty degrees felt like Summer weather to us. The day after that twenty-eight degree weather, our boiler stopped laboring. We weren’t that distraught because my buddy and I checked the forecast, plus it was going to be warm. Well, the day my buddy and I turned on the air conditioner, it stopped laboring as well. Hopefully, my buddy and I can get our cooling system fixed soon. We will have to wait on the boiler though because there is just no way that my buddy and I will be able to afford to maintenance the boiler. I am so thankful that my buddy and I shouldn’t have to use the boiler again anytime soon.


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