My air conditioner in not laboring right

My air conditioner is not laboring right.

I have never had complications with anything in my dwelling until this past week.

I genuinely cherish my apartment. I have lived here for over ten years, & I have nothing poor to say about my landlord or neighbors. I cherish it here. I thought for sure I would buy a house by now, however I just don’t feel the need to because I genuinely cherish where I live. My landlord is a great guy, & he has always done everything that he can to make the living here great for his renters. I genuinely care about him. Well, he just had a stroke a few afternoons ago, & he is in the hospital. He is trying to find someone to take care of complications at the apartments, even though he has not had any fortune yet. Well, my air conditioner started giving me complications a few afternoons ago, & I do not have anyone to call about it. I don’t want to blame my landlord because I know that he would be here fixing my air conditioner today if he could. I don’t want to call an Heating & A/C specialist because that would be genuinely high-priced. I know that my landlord would reimburse me for anything that the Heating & A/C corporation charged, however I also know that my landlord could repair the air conditioner on his own for much cheaper. I feel I will just have to go separate from air conditioning for a little while until my landlord can come & repair it… Air conditioning is not a necessity, but it absolutely is nice, & I am going to miss having an air conditioner for these next couple of weeks. I am glad that my air conditioning is at least laboring a little bit right now.