My Dad purchased a modern humidifier

My Dad purchased a modern humidifier, as well as I am trying to convince her to sell me her outdated humidifier.

I have wanted a humidifier for a long time, but I just never got around to buying one, and now that I am particularly serious about getting one, I can’t get one.

I have to order it online, as well as I can’t seem to find one that will ship to me within the next few weeks. All of them say that they won’t ship for at least a month if not longer. It is all due to the pandemic that is going on in the world right now. I honestly hope that I can convince my Dad to sell me her outdated humidifier. I talked to her about it a few times, but I just can’t seem to get her to give it up. She is a entirely loving person, as well as because that humidifier was the first humidifier she ever had, she wants to keep it. She had it when we kids were younger, so she says that the humidifier carries special memories. I told her that I would never get rid of the humidifier. She just doesn’t want to part with that humidifier. I know that I may be able to get her to part with the humidifier if I am persistent in asking, but I am not sure. She likes her modern humidifier. Her modern humidifier is honestly nice. It is a lot better than the outdated one that she used. I am sure that she will find some excuse to why this modern one is special to her as well. She will entirely never get rid of that humidifier either.

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