My husband accidentally broke my air purifier

My husband accidentally broke my air purifier.

I feel really bad because of how bad he feels about accidentally breaking my air purifier.

He knows just how much I wanted an air purifier in the first place, and the fact that he dropped it down the stairs after only having it for two weeks makes him feel really bad. I had saved up to buy that air purifier for about three months. It was a really nice and expensive air purifier. I did research on air purifier for over a year before I bought the one that I did. I don’t know why it took me so long to find an air purifier, but when I finally found one, I knew it was the right one for sure. It had great reviews, and even though it was expensive, I knew that I had to get that one. Well, my husband was trying to carry it down the stairs one day when he accidentally dropped it down the stairs. I felt so bad. I was not as sad about the air purifier as I was about how sad he was. He apologized like ten times that day, and he has been apologizing about the air purifier for weeks now. It is starting to get out of hand. I told him that it wasn’t a huge deal. I am currently saving up to buy another air purifier. I went years without one, so I think I will be just fine without one for a little while longer. He is trying to get overtime at his job just so that he can help me pay for a new air purifier.

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