My mom bought a new humidifier

My mom bought a new humidifier, & I am trying to convince his to sell me his ancient humidifier.

I have wanted a humidifier for a long time, however I just never got around to buying one! Now that I am really extreme about getting one, I can’t get one.

I have to order it online, & I can’t seem to find one that will ship to me within the next few weeks. All of them say that they won’t ship for at least a month if not longer. It is all due to the pandemic that is going on in the world right now. I genuinely hope that I can convince my mom to sell me his ancient humidifier. I talked to his about it a few times, however I just can’t seem to get his to provide it up. She is a truly sentimental person, & because that humidifier was the first humidifier he ever had, he wants to keep it. She had it when my buddy and I kids were younger, so he says that the humidifier carries special memories. I told his that I would never get rid of the humidifier. She just doesn’t want to part with that humidifier. I suppose that I may be able to get his to part with the humidifier if I am persistent in asking, however I am not sure. She enjoys his new humidifier. His new humidifier is genuinely nice. It is a lot better than the ancient one that he used. I am sure that he will find some excuse to why this new one is special to his as well. She will genuinely never get rid of that humidifier either.

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