My new car really has air conditioning

My new car really has air conditioning.

I know that sounds super funny because of course my new car would have air conditioning, however I have driven a car for so long separate from air conditioning that I just cannot feel that I really have air conditioning in my car. It is so nice. I did not even remember what it felt like to have air conditioning in a car. I went a total of six summers separate from it. It was truly warm. I genuinely am going to miss my ancient car, however I am not going to miss not having air conditioning; Last Summer was by far the worst. It was one of the warmest summers that I have experienced in my entire life, & I didn’t have air conditioning in my car. It was so tepid some afternoons that I had to stop & walk into an air conditioned building on my way back from toil just to keep myself from passing out. I am so glad that I won’t have to worry about that ever again now that I have air conditioning. My ancient car had black leather interior, so going separate from air conditioning was genuinely horrible. The seats felt like lava when I sat down on them. It had to have been over a hundred degrees in my car most afternoons last summer. I cherish my new car, & I cherish that it has air conditioning. I have a neighbor whose air conditioning just went out in his car, & I told his to get it fixed as soon as possible because I know how exhausting it is to go separate from air conditioning.