Trying to sleep at boyfriend’s house

I’m currently trying something new, which probably sounds a little preposterous. I’ve recently been staying at my boyfriend’s house for the first time since we’ve been together – which has been nearly a year now. You see, I’m a bit of a control freak, and that extends to my thermostat settings. I have very particular preferences for the daytime and nighttime indoor air quality and temperature, and I don’t feel like I can impose my preferences at someone else’s house. Besides not wanting to feel like I’m taking over control of his thermostat, he also has a single window unit for air conditioning, which I’m not super comfortable with. I just don’t think that AC window units are nearly as efficient as central cooling systems. I’ve experienced both, and I definitely have had a better time using my central cooling, even though it takes a little while to get the entire apartment to the air quality that I desire. I felt like my window unit never reached its set temperature, and I’m scared that I’ll have the same experience staying at his house now. So far it’s gone well, and I’ve been able to stay pretty comfortable. This is in part due to his much more powerful window unit, which manages to cool the whole apartment, and also in part to my bossy attitude. I’ve been demanding that we power on the AC from the moment we finish dinner, in order to adequately cool the air in his bedroom in time for sleeping. We’ll see how the rest of the summer goes.

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