A nice day of portable cooling systems

It is the sixth of June this week plus my pal and I are sitting in the lower 68’s for a high each day, which is still nice plus moderate as far as I am worried.

The middle of June will see the 68 F barrier get broken for the first time this year, marking the start of the sizzling season that will last till the middle of September.

This is okay with me because where I come from in the deep south the Summer heat can extend well into November plus February. It can be sizzling back house on Christmas Day plus air conditioner is pretty much a constant year round! Here it cools down nicely in September plus you can shut off your cooling system by the middle of the month plus not have to run it till June of the following year. So it getting sizzling here in a few weeks is nothing to me plus I am very looking forward to some warmer temps so I can bust out my new board shorts plus tank tops for the summer. There will be some new local suppliers opening where others were closed plus a lot of the beach bars will crank up their portable air conditioners for the Summer season… We are trying to get in this one beach bar this Summer however the owners are not sure about our strange type of sound. But last night while a band was playing in the local contractor my pal and I noticed more people listening to us than the band they had on their temperature controlled stage. It’s just a matter of time before they cave in plus hire us.


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