Clear green skies plus temps heating up

I have to do some recon later on my bike for our band.

We like to play in this one spot with superb acoustics however periodically the street sellers are there plus they get mad when my pal and I play there.

But my bandmate told me they aren’t there on weekends because the cops told them they can’t sell there, so if that is tplot then I may find ourselves playing there this night. We like that spot because it gets a lot of foot traffic plus the acoustics are superb with the big stone walls on three sides of us; Air conditioning plus heating are not needed there because it gets a nice breeze from the sea in the Summer however in the winter season it heats up because the sun hits that section all day plus makes the ground feel like radiant radiant heated floors. That is pretty much what it is though with the sun heating up the stone walkways, which then heat up the whole section with its radiative heating properties. So this week before my bandmate arrives, just before he arrives, I will ride my bike down there plus scope out the scene. If someone is there though then I play in this temperature controlled beach bar situated on my number one beach in city called Fragata Beach. It is a small beach right next to the natural radiant heated floor cathedral spot where my pal and I play with the nice acoustics, if you are bored Google it to see where my pal and I are plus if you travel to the Spanish coast you should stop by here plus maybe you’ll hear us playing with my local business friend. See ya.

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