Climate control from the sea

Our best song so far called By The Sea is going to be getting some action soon as my buddy and I bought a big package of plays from this supplier that gets you followers. My friend and I don’t want to be famous or anything however my buddy and I have a great song plus my buddy and I want the world to hear it. So my parents provided me an early Christmas present plus bought a package of a million plays so that my buddy and I can see how people like the song plus what they feel about it. A million plays should paint a great picture as to what they think. Heating plus cooling system repairs are on the agenda today although I am also going to be keeping an eye on that song on our site to see if it starts getting some plays from my Heating plus A/C tech parents gift. If people like the song I am hoping that those plays fuel it further plus keep the plays coming in from people sharing it. I will fire up my fireplace later this evening plus do some song editing from the last recording session my buddy and I did outside this Heating plus A/C supplier where my buddy and I play periodically. My friend and I will play again tonight plus I need to get that recorder emptied so my buddy and I can grab more tunes tonight. It should be a nice evening as the cool sea breeze gives us some natural weather conditions control while my buddy and I play beside this local supplier in the best part of the town. The view is amazing from that spot plus you can see the Mediterranean Sea while playing tunes for a group of people.

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