Just bought ten boiler filters

I can hear the train going by plus it reminds me of when I was a kid at my Grandparent’s lake house.

You could hear the train blowing its horn from her apartment plus it was always a sound that gave me comfort.

Hearing it again here takes me right back to that place plus time that seems like it was a dream many lifetimes ago. My Grandparents are all gone now, plus they have been for about 15 years, however when a memory comes into my mind like this one they come alive again for a bit; Furnace filter sales is what my gramps did for a living plus so today I bought ten HEPA filters in honor of him. I miss those mornings of going out in my gramp’s boat, which he kept in a musty smelling boathome that I would love to smell plus see just one more time. My other gramps was a local company however spent most of his time on the naturally temperature controlled lakes where they lived. The lakes would get a nice breeze in the summer, plus with a water temp of just 60F in the Summer the breeze would cool you off nicely even on mornings when it was pretty warm out. Air conditioning wasn’t used in most homes up there because the summers were pretty short plus on some Summer evenings you would need a fire in your fireplace to stay warm at evening. I would love to go for one more boat ride with my gramps at the helm, however I recognize it’ll have to be in my dreams.

Heating tune up