Need a new smart thermostat some day

In September of 2025, which sounds far away but it is only about two and a half years off, I will hit the 20 year mark of being a performing artist. I started out doing rest up comedy for the first 15 years, but then gradually shifted over to music as the comedy wasn’t doing it for me anymore. The time I spent doing comedy wasn’t a waste though, as it seems to have entirely helped me with the singing and music side. I am pretty fantastic at making up songs on the fly, and adding humor helps a lot; Heating and Air Conditioning repairs I sometimes sing about, and especially on days in the local business when things go wrong with a heating or cooling system repair task. Singing about my problems seems to take away some of the power they have on me, as I used to do with my comedy sets. I like to work for the Heating and Air Conditioning company doing smart thermostat sales and giving energy saving tips to the patrons, but when I am playing drums and singing I feel more free than ever. I almost feel like a little child again when I am performing, and I guess that is what keeps me doing it. The a/c company where my friend and I work is going to have us do a musical show when they have a big sale on all of the heating and cooling technology in the store. My pal and I normally get paid about $400 a show, although I told the owner of the store that my friend and I would do this one for free.