Seven degrees from air conditioning

I’m resting my voice after a long session of singing last night because we are going to do it once again tonight.

I sing pretty loudly when we play and last night I did that for almost two hours and my voice is a bit rough sounding this morning.

I will drink some water with lemon all day to soothe my throat and get it ready for another night of fun. We record each session and get some really good songs out of each one, last night being one of those nights. My local contractor bandmate has a better voice than me but I am trying to find my tune each time we play outside of the local business. We can get a good crowd of people watching when we are playing and it just makes for a fun time when they are all having fun and singing along. This HVAC expert likes to bring his kids when we play and I bet he will be there tonight when we are jamming in our favorite spot that has some good cold air conditioning from this portable system we bring out. We keep the system at this guy’s place where we play and we bring it out when the sun is blazing on the stage where we play. I just need to do some HVAC system work online for a few hours first and then clean my HEPA filter before we head out to make some new memories in the land of music. We will probably play two hours tonight and I hope to have three or four new songs.

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