Testing local businesss in other towns

Our band is going to head south soon and try out a odd neighborhood for a month to see how much people like our music and how much money my friend and I can pull in.

  • My pal and I plan on going to this larger neighborhood and staying for a month there while my friend and I play every day for 30 days.

If the city is as tied up as they say it is then I should be able to make $150 a day each if my friend and I play four hours a day. That would be a nice little chunk of money considering my friend and I can stay for free in air conditioned luxury in our RV. My pal and I could entirely keep doing this and just live off of the music money and not have to work for the heating business doing heating system repairs and fireplace installs any more. It seems like a cool way to live, just playing music and entertaining people each day, although I wonder if I would get tired of doing it so much. I guess my Heating and Air Conditioning tech task would constantly be there for me if I wanted to come back and work for the local business again one day, although I guess once I close that chapter in my book I wouldn’t open it again. I care about playing music and can’t see myself getting tired of doing it, unless my shoulders get too sore from playing the drum all of the time. Maybe I could do some heating and cooling system repair on the road if I needed a break from music, although I guess I’ll have to try to know for sure.



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