Time to blow the dust off of the air conditioner

It has been a long freezing winter, but my bandmate and I have managed to keep practicing in the streets and in clubs the whole time. I think we play about five or six times a month during winter, but we make up for it in the summer, playing up to six times a week during the busy season. My associate and I make about $100 a afternoon in tips during the summertime, so it is difficult to not play a lot. I make about $1300 a month in the summer, which pays all of my bills for the month. I do Heating and Air Conditioning technology sales too, so I am able to save a nice amount each month or drop it in an investment. I think next year I am going to just do music for my task and stop laboring for the local business. I have been doing sizzling water boiler repairs the past few years, along with some heat pump installs, but music is going to beginning taking more of my time so I will have to stop doing it. My associate and I plan on playing in the ski resorts during the winters now, so that will put us on period really five nights a week. My associate and I will play in ski cottages heated by fireplaces in front of a bunch of thrilled skiers and I think it will be a lot of fun for us all, which is more fun than playing next to a boring space heater. Our music is made up on the spot, which is what makes it so fun for me and for the crowd.

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