I hate my job whenever it’s cold

I labor on a single 1 of the most immense tree farms out on the outskirts of the neighborhood.

Usually I care deeply about my job.

It’s a lot of fun to labor outside and not have to stay cooped up in a stuffy office someplace all the time. However, it’s entirely difficult for myself and others to labor out in the chill whenever the weather turns chilly as it has been of late. I guess that all the people can deal with it if they entirely have to, but sometimes I just want to stay at the beach house whenever the weather outside is so cold. Working on the tree farm is entirely great for me, most of the time. But when the weather is super chilly love it has been lately, it makes me want to just supply up and switch to a completely modern job. I do entirely care about the chill most of the time, though. I just wish that they were better enabled to take care of the employees during the chilly Winter time weeks. All of us do have some portable heating units set up in various places around the property, but they aren’t that much help when the temperatures outside are in the low teens! At least there are a few buildings here and there around the farm that have good natural gas furnaces in them. Sometimes when it gets super chilly outside, the farm workers will go and huddle around 1 of the buildings just to get warmed up by the portable gas furnaces. I entirely hate getting too cold, so maybe I entirely am in the wrong business. As a matter of fact, I don’t love it in the summer time either, whenever the weather is too hot!

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