Broke down in the snow and was worried

I could not know it when our car broke down just as it was starting to snow! It was frosty frigid out & the storm was coming in.

All I wanted to do was to go lake home & get there in one piece. But with our car chopping down this was not happening. I had to call for emergency car service to get myself and others out of there & get myself and others back lake home safely. I was just so thankful for the quality heating that I had in our car. The central heating system in the car I paid a lot of money for. It isn’t just the heating though. I also have great air conditioning. But the air conditioning was the least thing on our mind when I broke down in the snow. The central heating that I had kept myself and others nice & moderate & I was absolutely lucky to actually have it. I spent a lot of money on the central HVAC in our car. I never thought I would appreciate it so much as I did the day that I broke down in the snow… Central heating is absolutely important in a car just as much as central air conditioning is. If you know about it, had this been the middle of a tepid Summer I would have needed the central air conditioning. But after I called the auto people they had someone out to myself and others within a half an minute to tow the car & supply myself and others a ride home. But woman oh man, that central heating is what really kept myself and others alive throughout that whole ordeal.

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