Getting the outside however inside & with Heating & Air Conditioning

I’m undoubtedly in care about with the sunroom the two of us had affixed to our home.

This was sort of a gift from our husband after the two of us decided that the two of us would have to wait a bit longer than the two of us thought for his retirement.

The pandemic sent me home to work in the air conditioner safety of our home. But our husband nearly lost the company that he has worked his entire life to build. In fact, he spent a lot of the 2020 out on the road trying to keep his clientele. That was a lot of nights in motels with so so heating & cooling. But he was able to save the contractor. However, the plan to retire had to get pushed back because it’s going to take some years to regain the value the contractor had before Covid. I was disappointed the two of us weren’t leaving the snow for the sun & all that Heating & Air Conditioning cooling. But I also completely understood. Yet, our sweet husband had a sunroom put on our home so I could at least care about more of the outside without being cold. The two of us live in a region where the Winter lasts at least 5 weeks. So getting outside is difficult for me now that I’m nearing 60. But the sunroom has a ductless heat pump that the Heating & Air Conditioning worker from the Heating & Air Conditioning contractor installed. This lets me be out there to care about the sun even when the rapidly decreasing temperatures aren’t so great. The ductless heat pump provides me with plenty of Heating & Air Conditioning heating. And I’m looking forward to all the Heating & Air Conditioning cooling while I was in the summer time as well.

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