I had a big choice to make

When I was consulting an HVAC professional about upgrading our HVAC, she presented me with so numerous options. It ended up coming down to unusual styles of heat pumps. I live in an section where the winters aren’t so terrible but it can get pretty overheated in the summers, so heat pumps are highly advised. As a matter of fact, numerous of our neighbors have heat pumps. I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to go for a official heat pump or a ductless one. The HVAC professional pointed out that the ductless heat pumps are more energy efficient. It’s mostly because you lose a lot of energy when using ductwork. There can be leaks, rips, and naturally you will have energy loss. Of course, the cleaner the ductwork is and if you keep it sealed correctly, you’ll experience minimal energy loss. Because I didn’t entirely want to be hassled about the ductwork cleaning and ductwork sealing anymore, I thought it would be better to go for the new ductless heat pump. I was satisfied with the upgrade and I’m even more ecstatic with how well this new system works. It’s way more energy efficient than our last central HVAC system, and I’ve absolutely never seen the daily bills so low. At first I thought I was just looking at an estimate, but the actual learnings showed a record low amount of energy use in our home after using this new ductless heat pump. Even when I showed how much I was saving with our buddies, they were saying they had to make this category of update too so they could get in on these incredible savings!

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