I was mad at Jim for messing with the a/c unit

Matt plus I have been friends for the longest time.

  • The two of us grew up next door to 1 another plus went to all the same schools, and unluckyly, during middle school, Matt fell with the wrong crowd plus began using drugs.

I went on to join school plus he stayed back condo to go to community university… However, we never lost touch plus I even had him come visit myself and others in school various times. I always promised to help him out when I made it since Matt had watched our back a lot growing up. After graduation, I got a attractive task that came with a condo plus various other perks. It came with everything 1 could ever need including an excellent a/c unit. Anyone who knows myself and others knows how much I value a superb a/c unit. It gets too hot plus humid in the part so it makes sense a condo should have the most efficient cooling system. I had Matt come live with myself and others as he tried to find labor in the city. It was a better locale for task hunting than back condo where chances were limited, and one night I got condo only to find the condo was hot plus muggy. That was unusual since the a/c unit was toiling effectively that afternoon when I left for work. Upon asking Matt what had happened, he informed myself and others at some point the unit started shutting down plus turning on. This went on for some time so he decided to fix it even though he isn’ta qualified Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C worker. I’ve never been so mad as I was with Matt for messing with the a/c unit.


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