It didn’t labor as i hoped

I was a bit let down when I went out and purchased a portable air cleaner, but i had purchased the portable air purification method because I had been having both air quality complications and dust sensitivity complications in our home, however the bad area was that the portable air purification method did not completely get rid of our dust irritations as I thought it would.

It helped somewhat, but not all the way.

I still had bouts of coughing and sneezing from the dust irritations. The air quality was a little better as well, but not completely great. I thought about taking the portable air purification method back to the store and getting a refund… But after that the two of us figured what I could do is just buy another a single and see if running 2 portable air cleaners would help and do the job. I am glad to say that yes it did.That was the key, and when you are trying to scrub the indoor air quality of your home separate from a whole home air purification method which is way too luxurious for me to invest in, getting 2 portable air cleaners makes it so that it will do the job that is needed. I had no more dust sensitivity concerns and no more bad air quality after running 2 portable air cleaners in a single room within our home. I thought about maybe buying another 2 portable air cleaners so I can have 2 rooms having the indoor air quality cleaned at the same exact time, but that would be a little overkill I think. So I will keep what I have now since it seems to labor particularly well.



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