Taking our home back with air purification

I’m so ecstatic that there was a solution to the indoor air problem in our house.

For years, our husband & I have tried in vain to deal with the aroma problem in our house.

And it was just so aggravating. I guess it’d be unusual if the two of us were a pack of slobs & our home was a pigsty. But the two of us are absolutely super clean people who take care of our home. The two of us don’t come home from work to just sit around in the air conditioner. There are always chores to be done & the two of us keep this home undoubtedly clean & organized. So having it smell so bad was just insult to injury for the both of us. It’s difficult to hear a single a friend of your kid state how bad it smells in the house. That a single undoubtedly went just right through our heart. Yet, our husband or I cook just about every meal in our home so there’s that source of aromas. The two of us have a cat & numerous cats & the guys are always into something gross as well it seems. So there was plenty of indoor aromas to deal with. Finally, the two of us decided to go to the indoor air experts at the Heating & Air Conditioning contractor. That’s where the two of us should have gone all along. They had the answer for us thankfully. Now the two of us have a whole home media air cleaner that makes our home smell glorious. And it didn’t take long at all. Once the whole home media air cleaner was installed inside the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment, I could tell a difference within hours. But by the next day our home was simply the so crisp, clean & appealing smelling.


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