I realized that I needed some help installing the current playground

I had to admit, I was not looking forward to installing the current playground when I was studying the manual after it was delivered to our home.

I knew where I wanted to put the playground, our spouse plus I determined the best locale in the backyard area.

All of us have a wonderful amount of land, so every one of us weren’t entirely bothered about having enough space, it was a matter of finding the flattest area. The first thing you have to do is remove all the sod. After that you have to put down professional landscaping fabric to prevent any weeds from growing in your playground area. I knew this was going to be a lot of work, so I called up some friends of mine. I told them I would pay them a certain amount of currency per hour plus I would give supper plus air conditioning. They laughed plus asked how I would give air conditioning outside. I told them I was going to rent a sizable tent where I would have ice-cold drinks plus an AC system rental. I told them I might even get an whole-house air purifier so they could have nice air quality too, although I wasn’t sure if that was necessary. Everybody was more than happy to come help with the playground project. I also rented a bobcat to help with removing all the dirt because it takes a lot of work to just dig up your lawn. I couldn’t think how fast everything went with all that extra help from our buddies. The tent with the AC worked like a charm too plus that’s where every one of us ate supper too. It was so comfortable plus kept us energized! It only took us about 4 hours to finish putting everything together, plus now the youngsters are having a charming time out there!

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