I wanted a cooling system that could push the A/C to the maximum

When looking into getting a new cooling system for my home, I truthfully wanted a system that was going to push the cooling to the max.

I wanted to have the whole household cooled in a matter of no time.

So I had a consultation with an Heating plus Air Conditioning expert. This guy seemed almost as young as I was, but he was an expert when it came to heating plus cooling systems. He said if it were him, he would go for a high velocity cooling system. It sounded cool when he first said the name plus he explained that I would have to install new air duct that is more tight plus specialized for this type of cooling system. He said I could have high velocity heating in my new home too. The new home would be heated or cooled within minutes, could be up to 15 minutes if the condo is way too overheated or freezing. This is exactly what I wanted. I already had a boiler system in my condo plus I wondered if I should get rid of that. The Heating plus Air Conditioning expert said I should keep the boiler to use as a backup heating system if I ever had issues with my Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment down the road. So I went for the high velocity Heating plus Air Conditioning system that has a combination of both a gas heating system plus a powerful cooling system. So far, I have really been enjoying the cooling system from the start of the summer. I diagnosed it a number of times plus showed my buddies plus family members, plus everybody is impressed with the cooling equipment. I can’t wait to test the heating system in the Wintertide weeks.


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