It was a big mistake to work on my HVAC equipment

Before my HVAC warranty was over, I always had the HVAC workers doing the tune-ups for my HVAC equipment, because I didn’t want the warranty to become void.

Of course, I didn’t know anything about working on HVAC equipment either, so I guess you could say I always needed the HVAC professionals to take care of everything.

Unfortunately, I came up with a foolish idea to work on my own HVAC equipment after the warranty expired. I watched numerous repair videos online and learned all that I could. It seemed easy enough when it came to replacing some of the worn parts in the HVAC. I simply could order the parts I was looking for online and wait for them to be delivered to my home. Then I would open the HVAC and replace the parts and put everything back together and crank on the HVAC. Well, I did just that and my HVAC was actually working after I worked hard replacing most of the parts. I was a little worried, but my HVAC worked like a champ, at least for a little bit. Then after about two weeks, the cooling system was struggling and there was a burning smell coming from the HVAC unit. I ended up calling the HVAC experts and they said that the parts that were installed recently were incongruous with the HVAC equipment. They said the system was damaged, but could be repaired, but the system needed OEM parts from the manufacturer. So I let them repair the HVAC but it cost me a small fortune! I will never try working on my own HVAC again!



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