It was my thing in the garage

I was never expecting to find a heating and cooling unit in my closet but that was exactly what happened when I decided to do some spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is something that I have been doing every year.

It has been a Long time and it has become sort of a tradition at this point. Not everybody in the family likes it but I do believe that it is necessary to keep the house clean and in tip top shape for the rest of the year. Sometimes when you are doing a lot of cleaning all at once you find things that you don’t expect. This year I was cleaning out the back of my closet when I discovered an old air conditioning system that I had long since forgotten about. It was a wonderful find because I had been needing a portable air conditioning system and I had been planning to buy one from the local HVAC business but now that I found one buried in the back of my closet I knew that I wouldn’t have to. Instead I decided to get a setup right away. I quickly plugged it into the wall and it immediately came right on. It seems to be working exactly like I hoped it would, which was a big relief. I had to imagine that after sitting in the closet for so long that it wouldn’t work, but quite to the contrary it seemed to work perfectly. Having a well working air conditioner was definitely going to serve us well for the rest of the summer.



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