My father sure giving us problems

I remember having to listen to my parents fight all the time. It always seemed like petty stuff to be honest, but they seemed like they could never quit fighting. I remember this one time when there was an HVAC professional at the house. I deduced that my father didn’t want to pay for a costly HVAC repair while my wife said it was necessary. The HVAC professional said it would lower our energy bills to have the HVAC system serviced and it should be tuned up regularly. My father claimed that he knew how to tune-up his own HVAC equipment. When the HVAC professional mentioned that he could void the warranty on the equipment, my father countered with the fact that the warranty for that HVAC equipment was already done anyway, so it didn’t matter. The HVAC professional still tried to charge my father for the visit, even though he didn’t end up doing anything, and my father said he was not going to pay him for doing nothing. The HVAC professional didn’t seem too happy, but my parents fought about that for a long while. My father ended up doing something to the HVAC to make it work well again and it didn’t seem like we had any issues with the air quality or anything. I guess some people are just naturals when working on HVAC equipment, like my father seemed to be. These days it’s not like that though. I tried telling him to get a smart thermostat installed, and he said he didn’t need that crap. He should know that he could save money by getting a modern thermostat but he doesn’t listen to me.

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