My heating and a/c store was robbed

My wife and I started her own Heating and cooling business two years ago and up until now we have had nothing but good success.

It came from a lot of hard work and a lot of good luck but all that can change in one night and that is exactly what happened last night to us.

We got up in the morning to find the police knocking on our door and when we answer the door they informed us that are Heating and air conditioning business had been broken into and that’s a thieves I had broken into it has stolen a lot of our stuff. Many thousands of dollars of HVAC products that we had in the store were instantly lost in a single night. It was a pretty big blow especially when we weren’t a big company to begin with. We reviewed the footage and saw exactly how and when they broke in. They did it in the middle of the night and we’re in and out and under 10 minutes. It was just unbelievable to us how this could happen and the police are sure to set they would do their best to try and catch the guys that did it. The week went by and nothing happened and as we were trying to feel hopeless we got some good news. there were some people that had seen the guys and were able to identify them in a week later the guys were caught in the HVAC products that they still were returned to us. We were glad to have them back whatever since this incident we have upgraded our security. We now have security cameras all around the entire perimeter of the store in an attempt to try to prevent this from happening again.

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