My spouse changed a lot when every one of us had children

I remember when our spouse was pregnant with our first son.

That was a pretty wild experience because I didn’t expect all the ridiculous mood swings.

My spouse was always calm natured plus never would freak out about anything, however that changed with the pregnancy, however suddenly, he was demanding that I adjust the temperature control settings. Then he would say I was doing it wrong plus then go adjust them how he wanted anyway, but before that, every one of us would have a stable temperature control setting of 75 degrees usually in the Summer plus 80 in the winter. I thought things would change after our child was born, however he kept adjusting the temperature control settings like ridiculous plus was irritable all the time. I don’t know, I know it’s something that I have just gotten used to because he hasn’t changed much since that time. It’s not like we’re fighting entirely often or anything, however mainly it’s that the youngsters keep getting yelled at because they’re always doing something wrong. If they’re not making large messes, then they are doing something to get themselves hurt or they are not doing their homework, and well, over time, these youngsters have l acquired plus they also l acquired not to mess with the thermostat. Their mother always freaks out if they try to fight over the temperature control settings plus the temperature control settings always have to be his way. I’ve considered getting a zoned HVAC so every one of us can have customized temperature control settings, although I already have a window AC unit in our office which keeps me comfortable in the summer.

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