Something was wrong with the HVAC system

I have no plan why, but the thermostat at the hospital was messed up! I was recently at the hospital because my spouse and I had our baby girl.

She was born entirely healthy and chunky, and we couldn’t be prouder! While my spouse recovered and while the doctors made sure that the baby was healthy, we were allowed to stay in the room for a few days.

It was during those days that we realized that the thermostat in our room was messed up. One of the big things that the hospital was advertising for the maternity ward was the individual thermostats, each of the rooms had its own thermostats so that the mother could set the temperature to whatever they preferred. However, the reality was much different! Although each room had its own thermostat, the temperatures of each room were truly not working right, during the night, at around more than one, the temperature in the room would seriously increase, and I had no idea why. Although neither of us had adjusted the thermostat, the room would get warm, and it would make us uncomfortable. Although babies sleep well in moderate temperatures, the thermostat would increase so much that the baby would not sleep. At first, we did not realize that something was wrong with the thermostat, but after checking it, I could tell. I was holding the baby at the time, but I still changed the thermostat right when the doctor walked into the room! The doctor explained that there was something wrong with the heating plus air conditioning plan and that this happened every night. It seems odd that the thermostat would act like this.

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