The HVAC expert explained why we should have an air purification system

We had the new air purification system installed and it works very well for us

Sometimes my wife will not hold back when she wants to speak her mind. She’s always brutally honest, but I think that’s something that makes me care about her so much. It was amusing the other day when we had an HVAC expert come out to the house. We had an issue with our air quality. The HVAC professional was saying it would be a good idea to install an air purification system in our home and we could use better air filters as well. I remember my wife started saying that we shouldn’t have to install an air purification system, the city should just have a massive air purification system that provides better air quality for everybody. The HVAC professional laughed saying that was a bit of an abstract concept. He said even if something like that existed, we would likely need air purification systems in our homes as well, because indoor air quality is commonly worse than outdoor air quality. Perhaps an advanced mega air purification system could help improve the outdoor air quality, but we also have to focus on the indoor air quality if we want to breathe easier and be healthy at home. This actually made sense and my wife didn’t hassle the man anymore after that. We had the new air purification system installed and it works very well for us. I did have to tell my wife though that I thought her idea of having an air purification system that provided better air quality for everybody sounded like a pretty good idea. I honestly think I never would have thought of anything like that.

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