The HVAC system smelled like smoke

My central cooling system works too well, and I truthfully feel like this is a silly thing to complain about, but since I am getting stuff off of our chest, I figured that this would be a good thing to tell you, then when I moved into this house, it was actually important that the loft had a central cooling system. I spent most of my childhood living without a central cooling system, and I did not find it to be a pleasant experience. When I finally moved out, I rented an apartment, and the home had a central cooling system! However, the heating and air conditioning smelled like smoke, and my wife was honestly sensitive to the smell, so we did not use the central cooling system honestly often, and we set the temperature high on the thermostat so that the central cooling system rarely kicked on. Still, I actually enjoyed having a central cooling system, and I wouldn’t want to live without one now. When I moved into this house, it was wintertime, so we have been using the oil furnace primarily. The temperatures finally began to rise as springtime came, and the two of us knew it was time to turn on the central cooling system! Now, our home feels cold, and even though the thermostat is set to a high temperature, the central cooling system is running so often that it makes the loft feel colder than it is. The central cooling system is honestly affordable, and we have not noticed any important increase in spending. I know that it seems silly that the central cooling system is now working too well, despite the fact that I can really complain about everything. Is there anything small like that that you have complained about in the past?


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