Waiting on the new baby is somewhat nerve wracking

After having 5 children, plus them all being spectacular kids, my wifey plus I easily decided to have another baby.

I constantly wanted a lot of children when I was young plus people thought I was absurd when I said that, but I was serious.

My wifey was on the same page with me, she even wanted to have twins or triplets which I thought would be too much of a hassle. If 5 children weren’t enough, every one of us have pets too including 3 cats plus 3 dogs. Fortunately, every one of us have a large new home with enough space for everybody. Every one of us even have my father-in-law living in the in-law suite which is easily convenient because it’s without the main portion of the house. One of the first things every one of us chose to do when every one of us purchased this new home was to get a nice Heating plus Air Conditioning system that would give customized temperature control for everybody. The last thing I wanted in my new home was the kids fighting over the temperature control settings. So every one of us had a ductless multi-cut installed plus every room of the condo has its own temperature control. This is convenient, especially for my father-in-law who easily has been easily helpful doing labor around the property. Anyway, our more recent project was setting up the nursery for our new baby. I made sure to put a UV media air cleaner in there so the baby can breathe easily. Now my wifey is 7 weeks pregnant plus every one of us are getting ready for that time. It’s pretty exciting, but it makes you upset at the same time because you don’t want anything to go wrong.

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