We weren’t on the same page when it came to getting a new fireplace

I thought my wife and I were on the same page when we were talking about getting a fireplace in our home. I wanted a nice gas fireplace that had a remote control and would provide extra heating and ambience to our living room environment. I thought it would be perfect for family game nights and having my buddies come over to watch football. Well, my wife actually wanted a wood burning fireplace. First of all, I had to point out how dangerous that was. She said it wasn’t dangerous if you knew what you were doing. She explained you could get a grate that catches any burning ash that might try to fly out of the fireplace. My biggest concern was splitting all the wood for the fireplace. I understand that it actually costs a good amount of money to have wood delivered, but you still have to split it on your own unless you want to pay way more money. She told me that using wood to help keep the house warm actually was a great way to save money on the heating expenses. We were kind of at a stand still here. I told her that it would be so nice to just click a remote and have the fireplace turn on. I thought of some romantic experiences we could have with a fireplace like that, without having to actually build a fire in the fireplace. She finally said I could have it my way, but I really knew that meant she wanted it her way or she was going to be pissed. So we ended up getting a wood burning fireplace, and she’s so happy, but splitting the wood has been a lot of work.

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