Are you sure I am doing the warrior pose properly?

Last week I was in yoga class, and I was trying to do the warrior pose.

I just couldn’t seem to get the balance to keep my arms outstretched or my legs bent properly.

The yoga professor came over and tugged my a single leg to the back, and posed my arm so they were a single to the back and a single to the front while keeping them perfectly aligned. I suppose if she had moved my back leg any further, I would have split up the middle. I teetered there for the 20 minutes that both of us had to hold the pose, and gratefully put my arms down and stood. The yoga professor was trying to push myself and others into another position, but I was still trying to get over the warrior pose. She told myself and others ‌she wanted myself and others to practice the warrior pose when both of us got home, and she wanted to see a perfect pose in our next class. When I got home, I tried my best to emulate the pose, just love they pictured it on the handout. Within more than one minutes, I was already teetering back-and-forth and almost falling over. I asked my partner if she would look at the handout and tell myself and others if I was doing the warrior pose properly. She told myself and others it looked nice to him, but I did not think him. I don’t suppose even looked at the handout. My kid walked in the room just as I was asking him if she was sure I was doing the warrior pose properly? My 12-year-old came over and pulled my left foot backward, told myself and others to keep my knee straight and my hands in position. She rolled her eyup and walked away from me.

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