Being in denial about how exhausting my corporation needed up-to-date cooling equipment

I run a restaurant downtown where I offer a variety of dishes, most of which are inspired by my country of origin.

I recently had concerns with the air conditioner, and called in for air conditioner repair.

Prior to this, I had replaced the air filter, although this did not seem to solve my problem. The air quality was good, and I even had customers comment on how the air felt fresher. Still, I could tell there was an underlying problem that needed to be addressed. I called another cooling specialist to come and inspect the air conditioner unit, and he was kind enough to agree to accommodate me concerning my working hours. I had a hunch about the problem, despite the fact that I was still hoping I was wrong. The last a/c rep had told me that the current HVAC system I had in my store was not up to the task of providing the cooling that I desired, and it needed to be replaced as quickly as possible. I had even started looking for air conditioner units that I could use to replace the old one, but the price would leave a large dent in my bank account. Business was good for my restaurant, but I still didn’t want to sink a bunch of money into a new HVAC system if I didn’t have to. Through my research, I learned more about air conditioners, and I was sure no amount of air conditioner tune-up would help. When the climate control tech provided me with the same depressing news, I had already resigned myself to that fate. I made arrangements with the air conditioner provider to install an up-to-date unit.

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