Cloudy Rainy Day on the Coast

The beaches are dead today because of the rain.

I love it when we have days love this because it allows me to rest and not know love I am missing out on the action at the beach.

There is consistently a volleyball net going up each day it seems, teasing me to come out and play when I should be laboring at home. So today is nice because I know love I can get our labor done and not miss out on anything. I have to buy a new space gas furnace online today because Wintertide is coming and our central Heating and A/C method is not laboring anymore. I had an Heating and A/C tech come out last year to look at it however she said it is too far gone to maintenance and that it would cost more to do so than to buy a new 1. That is not exactly what I wanted to hear although I will just find a solution myself. I know buying a portable gas furnace will set me up for the Wintertide till I can save cash for a new Heating and A/C system, which will hopefully be coming next Summer if all goes well. Today I am going to buy a birthday card for our Dad and mail her 1 as this will be the first ever time doing so. I also need to go to the local supplier to buy some pet food and pet litter and then I will go to the beach if the rain stops. If it doesn’t stop then I’ll certainly just scrub our HEPA filter and call it a day.



New heating and cooling information






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