Decluttering for a new heat pump

Lucky for me, The ductwork was just fine as it was

I’m a bit of a pack rat when it comes to keeping things that I don’t necessarily need. As a result, every year or so, I tend to have garage sales. Last year, decluttering was not just creating more area, but also creating a more organized house. I was also hoping to save as much money as I possibly could in order to purchase a new HVAC system and this garage sale was for that purpose. According to the cooling specialist I talked to at the a/c business, the new cooling products would offer more effective and efficient cooling and help solve previous problems. When I came up with the idea of upgrading to new cooling technology, the choice was a bit difficult considering the variety, but with the help of the a/c expert, the two of us eventually settled on one unit in particular. The a/c installation process was a day’s work, and there were a few HVAC technicians working on the project both inside and outside the house. After this, I really wanted to say goodbye to constant a/c repair. The techs would calculate the cooling loads which consider my home’s location, age, size, and construction materials. Part of the process was also checking the HVAC ducts and determining if I would need to replace the existing ductwork. Lucky for me, The ductwork was just fine as it was. In the end, the most efficient system that I ended up choosing was a heat pump. Heat pumps are extremely efficient and have the ability to both heat and cool homes at lower costs than traditional HVAC systems.


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