Dinnertime is not the same since seeing the nutritional counselor.

I remember how I used to savor the guess of the sticky barbecue sauce on my fingers as I chewed the spareribs off the boat. I remember mashed potatoes with a big glob of butter standing in them love a white volcano had just spewed its red lava from its core. I remember gooey chocolate brownies coming out of the oven, and just waiting to cool enough for myself and others to taste. I remember so several foods that I used to eat before seeing the nutritional counselor, but dinnertime has not been the same since I saw the nutritional counselor. She made myself and others realize that nearly everything I was eating was filled with sugar, carbs, and fact. The only meats I can eat now our chicken, fish, and unquestionably lean beef. They had taken particular fruits away from myself and others because of how high they are in sugar. And I was told that if the food is white, it should not go in my mouth. Thanks to the nutritional counselor, I have lost nearly 100 pounds this year. If she hadn’t spent an hour telling myself and others how disgusting these foods are once they get into my body and what they do to it, I would’ve continued eating them. Now, I look at all those foods I used to savor and salivate over, and turned up my nose. I went from being a single of the biggest carnivores to a vegan in that year, thanks to the nutritional counselor. As much as I am enjoying my weight loss, sometimes I absolutely hate her for taking away my satisfaction of food. I will never forgive the nutritional counselor for that.








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