Happy to Have a Working Climate Control System and Good Health

I’m 55 years outdated now and am unquestionably grateful to be healthy.

I know that health can be taken away in a heartbeat and your life can take on a darkness that stays with you all of the time. I am ecstatic to have health and the lighthearted feeling I have and try to take care of our body to the best of our abilities. I know our worst vice is that I drink beer each day, only 1 or many though, although I seem to not be able to step away from it each day. My Heating and A/C method runs great and keeps me comfortable and sleeping well each evening which is also great for our health. I try to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables each day and I was a juicer for many years up until last year when I switched to smoothies. I keep our Heating and A/C method scrub by having it diagnosed correctly and do the same with our body by eating well and getting a checkup every year. My dad never went to the dentist for checkups and ended up dying young because she caught her disease too late. She worked so hard in the Heating and A/C industry but wasn’t able to love all of the fruits of her labor because of her fear of going to the dentist. You have to face your fears or they end up destroying you in the end, 1 way or another. I will face our fear of labor now and go head to the local supplier for a day of work.

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