I had to go to the nutritional counselor before getting weight loss surgery.

For the last year, my nurse has been trying to convince myself and others ‌I needed weight loss surgery. My partner was dead set against myself and others getting any more surgery than what was absolutely necessary. She told myself and others she enjoyed myself and others as I was, and she would not leave myself and others if I did not lose weight, then unluckyly, if I did not lose weight, she was not just going to lose me, but I was going to die. The nurse had put it as succinctly as she could so that I would understand what she was saying. Three weeks later, I started a class for the nutritional counselor! One prerequisite to having weight loss surgery is seeing a nutritional counselor. They love you to take at least 10% of your body weight off before going under surgery. My thing was that if I took off 10% of my weight, that would show that I can lose weight and I should not need weight loss surgery. Two weeks before I had my surgery set up, I went back to the nutritional counselor. When I weighed in, I weighed 40 pounds less than when I started the program. I suppose the nutrition counselor, however told her I hoped I never had to come back again. I figured if I could lose that much weight on my own, there is no reason for myself and others to have weight loss surgery. She agreed to my ideas, but she told myself and others she would love for myself and others to continue coming back and having nutritional counseling done. She absolutely thought that knowing and understanding the difference between nutrition and food was going to be the biggest help I could have on my weight loss journey.

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