If you’re going to remodel the basement, put a door in.

My partner had been doing a lot of talk about remodeling the basement and putting a game room down there for the children.

I thought that was an excellent idea, especially with the summer time coming.

All of us got a lot of terrible storms during the summer, and it would be nice to have the storm shelter feeling more love a family room than a dungeon. Since the game room was taking up the back half of the basement, I asked him if she could put another door into the front of the basement. She asked myself and others what I had in mind? I told him that since she was going to remodel anyway, I would love to have a door on the other half of the basement so that I could put in a yoga studio. Instead of needing to rent a space for my yoga studio, both of us could save the rental, and use our basement for my yoga studio. All of us had plenty of space where my buyers could park the cars, and by having a door, both of us would not be interrupting the family in the game room or my partner by going through the house. She wanted to figure out if she could put a door in the basement. The way they built our house, to go into the basement, you had to go down steps and open the door. That was the section where she was planning on putting the game room. It was our storm shelter for years, and now it would also be the game room. She measured out the space and told myself and others that once she enclosed the Heating and Air Conditioning system, it would be simple to put in a door so I could have a private yoga studio.


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