It’s great to have a buddy who is a plumber

I hate washing dishes, especially after I just prepared a huge meal; So, I use our dishwasher a lot because it’s less of a hassle, however it only takes a few minutes to load the dirty dishes, insert the dishwasher pods, and flip the button to turn on the machine, then next to our stove it’s 1 of the most used machines in our study room. So, you can only imagine how devastated I was when our dishwasher broke, and one night, I loaded up the dishes and was ready to start the machine, but when I pushed the button, nothing happened… At first, I didn’t suppose what was happening, so I opened it to check to see if anything was stuck inside. Nothing looked out of place. Well, I needed to call someone to repair the machine. Initially, I thought I would call a handyman, but after that I discovered that a plumber can also fix a dishwasher… Fortunately for me, our neighbor’s partner Jim is a plumber, but he has fixed leaky pipes in our house before and when our toilet needed a up-to-date flap, he helped myself and others to install that. He has also installed up-to-date fixtures in our study room and powder room, but therefore, Jim is who I call with all our plumbing needs. The next day, I contacted Jim who came over to try to repair the unit, unluckyly, he could not, so I had to purchase a up-to-date dishwasher, jim was able to get myself and others a discount on a up-to-date machine and had it installed 2 afternoons later. It’s great to have a plumber residing next door to me, but plus, he provided myself and others the family discount hourly rate.

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