Learning more about a/c to catch someone's interest

I have had a crush on this girl for several weeks since the first day I saw her at the cafe where I grab breakfast on my way to work.

I even frequented this place more often to see her.

One day, she was talking with a co-worker about needing an air conditioning system man, since she had a complication with her HVAC unit. As she was walking out, I got her attention and introduced myself. I explained to her that I overheard her talking with her friend, and let her know that I was an HVAC repairman. It was a lie, I only had a cursory knowledge of HVAC and maintenance on climate control systems. I had a few instances in which I had learned certain things about HVAC, but not very many. I ended up regretting that I had talked a big talk, but I was a guy on a mission. I at least tried to learn more about a/c and had a few days to do it. I called a buddy who works in HVAC repair and probed him with many questions. He was glad to explain many different concepts concerning HVAC maintenance and care, but because it sounded so complicated, I started worrying that I would not be able to pull it off. In the end, I could remember very little that he had told me over that phone call. There was only so much that I could grasp. Thankfully, this friend who is knowledgeable about HVAC decided he was willing to go with me. When the day came, he discovered that her air conditioner only needed basic repairs. I also got her number, we will be going on a date tonight!

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